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Xystus Surreal FLAC RIP

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Upload General Information

Origin Country: Netherlands
Style Genre: Progressive/Symphonic Metal
Audio Bitrate: Lossless
Audio Codec: Flac (.flac)
Rip Type: Image+.cue
Length: 0:51:53
Catalog ID: TEC PROMO 003
Label: The Electric Co.
Visit: Xystus Social Page
Size: 353.8 MB

About this Album

A couple of years ago I picked up this Dutch progressive symphonic power metal band’s excellent debut (yes, that many styles can be found within this band’s sound…) and now, 3 years later, the promised follow-up is here. I expected a lot from this album, as I loved the debut “Receiving Tomorrow”, and I must say that almost all my expectations were met.

“Surreal” consists of 14 songs, including 2 instrumental interludes, and spans over 50 minutes of music. After the first couple of songs, you can find a solid conceptual piece that carries the title of the album, and is probably by far the most interesting part of the whole album. Many different influences can be found, but the band still maintains its own sound.

The album opens with “R.O.C”, obviously influenced by progressive, with some hints of trashy elements from time to time. The second song “My Chrysalis” is a nice mid-tempo song, and will be released as the first single from this album. A good choice, in my opinion. “Whole in Pieces” is probably one of my favorites. It deals with the serial killer Richard Kuklinsky, known as “The Iceman” and the double life he led. For people who are interested in learning all about a band’s lyrics, you should definitely Google this one!

A lot of highlights pass on this album (especially the house-oriented intro of the song “End of the line” is very original) as it makes its way to the big finale: the concept “Surreal”.

After the bombastic intro “Aenigma” the band begins with “Make it happen”, a symphonic song that is superbly intertwined with electronic/industrial influences. Next comes the track “Mystified” which begins with a Nightwish-like opening of sorts, the band suddenly breaks the song up by switching to a funky verse, complete with wah-wah guitars. After that a nice instrumental interlude and is followed, in my opinion, by one of the best songs on this concept (maybe even on the album), “My saviour”. This song probably represents Xystus at its best. Tight rhythmic patterns with a fantastic solo, and probably the best vocal melody in the chorus I’ve heard this year! After that he ends with the semi-ballad/mid-tempo song “It all ends…” which has a very dramatic feel to it.

If I have to mention a downside to this album it’s that I miss a keyboard solo, as they had a few on their debut, but the new guitarist really makes up for it.

The production on this album is great, the sound is heavy but still in control, without drowning in the moments when the music gets intense. On a side note, this album is released as an “Ultra Collector’s Edition” (whatever that means :)) and it sounds awesome.

If you like bands like Shadow Gallery, Symphony X, Kamelot and Royal Hunt, I recommend picking up this album. Thumbs up and can’t wait to see how this young band progresses over the next couple of years!

Surreal Tracklist

  • 1. R.O.C. [04:55]
  • 2. My Chrysalis [04:03]
  • 3. Whole in Pieces [04:23]
  • 4. Run & Hide [02:10]
  • 5. Holding on to Better Days [03:19]
  • 6. Voltage [04:48]
  • 7. End of the Line [03:45]
  • 8. This Brighter Kind of Light [03:54]
  • 9. Part 1 : Aenigma [01:13]
  • 10. Part 2 : Make It Happen [04:32]
  • 11. Part 3 : Mystified [04:30]
  • 12. Part 4 : Confusion Collision [01:15]
  • 13. Part 5 : My Saviour [04:11]
  • 14. Part 6 : It All Ends [04:55]

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