Haggard Awaking the Centuries FLAC (2000) [MEGA]

Haggard Awaking the Centuries FLAC RIP

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Upload General Information

Origin Country: Germany
Style Genre: Classical/Orchestral/Symphonic Metal
Audio Bitrate: Lossless
Audio Codec: Flac (.flac)
Rip Type: image+.cue
Length: 00:37:37
Catalog ID: DRAKKAR 007
Label: Drakkar Records
Social: Haggard Facebook
Size: 241 MegaBytes.

About this Album

On the off chance that you like Heavy/Black Metal, and you Love symphonic/traditional music, and you love combination groups, then, at that point this is the Haggard collection for you. This band/collection has a remarkable dark/substantial metal sound blended in with old style instruments. Its done well as well, the band really has numerous individuals playing old style instruments so it sounds extraordinary. Alot of groups simply use consoles for the old style portions of their melodies, and it sounds rather modest, yet that isn’t the situation here. Rough with more than 15 individuals has a wide cluster of musicians playing all various sorts of traditional instruments.

This specific collection is equivalent amounts of old style and a balance of metal, so it might dismiss a few fans who aren’t that into traditional music. Their are a few melodies on this collection that have no metal in them by any stretch of the imagination, while some are prodominatly metal, and keeping in mind that some have an equivalent combination of the two. My undisputed top choice is the last mentioned, respectivly. Now and again this collection can get fairly hefty with quick, weighty, thrashy/dark metal guitars. This isn’t the unadulterated dark metal sound like Old Emperor or Immortal…but dark metal affected by hefty metal. It’s anything but like Cradle Of Filth “black” metal, the horrendous crappy sort, yet an extraordinary decent sort.

There are some incredible tracks on this record like Awakening the Centuries, The Final Victory, and In a Fullmoon Procession. The first of these is a long track with a balance of clean/demise/dark metal vocals, while the rest is old style instruments with and weighty quitar riffs, definalty the best tune on the collection. The Final Victory is incredible as well, extremely amazing. Fullmoon parade is additionally extraordinary. There isn’t anything terrible here on the collection, whats likewise cool is there is a story on this collection, however alot of it is in french. I communicate in french and can disclose to you the story is really cool as well. I can’t take any focuses off this collection, there isn’t anything on it I detest. So assuming you like Neoclassical metal, purchase this collection, you will no think twice about it.

Awaking the Centuries Tracklist

  • 1. Intro: Rachmaninov: Choir 00:38
  • 2. Intro: Pestilencia 01:54
  • 3. Chapter I: Heavenly Damnation 02:59
  • 4. Chapter II: The Final Victory 03:35
  • 5. Chapter II: Saltorella la Manuelina 00:57
  • 6. Chapter III: Awaking the Centuries 09:34
  • 7. Chapter III: Statement zur Lage der Musica 01:19
  • 8. Chapter IV: In a Fullmoon Procession 05:18
  • 9. Chapter IV: Menuett 01:19
  • 10. Chapter V: (Part I) Prophecy Fulfilled / (Part II) And the Dark Night Entered 06:23
  • 11. Chapter V: Courante 01:10
  • 12. Chapter V: Rachmaninov: Choir 02:34

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