Pantera Far Beyond Driven FLAC (1994) [MEGA]

Pantera Far Beyond Driven FLAC RIP

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Upload General Information

Origin Country: United States
Style Genre: Groove Metal
Audio Bitrate: Lossless
Audio Codec: Flac (.flac)
Rip Type: image+.cue
Length: 00:53:24 + 00:43:19
Catalog ID: 8122-79602-9
Label: Rhino Entertainment
Social: Pantera Facebook
Size: 816 MegaBytes.

About this Album

This is presumably my number one Pantera arrival ever! I love the riffs on essentially the entirety of the tunes, those lone 1-2 tracks that I’m not partial to yet generally speaking I thought this a more than normal maybe perhaps the most significant Pantera discharges in their whole discography for me! This collection is simply accused of energy too! These folks were really weighty on here…guitar insightful and the bass is adequately boisterous to hear. I like the vocals also. All that appeared to work in here for a decent segment of the tracks. I like the performances as well, they were another feature. The absolute best riffs that Pantera had at any point thought of were on here!

This delivery came out when I was in High School, I had it on tape. I wouldn’t fret playing it frequently since I was vigorously into the guitar. Dimebag was a major effect on me in those days. Presently 27 years after the fact I’m actually burrowing the music however I’ve deserted the guitar. Or then again it deserted me. Regardless, these tunes weren’t the most effortless to play, they were very difficult. What’s more, the leads were incredible. The absolute most prominent notch metal riffs I’ve at any point heard! They just got it down as far as the music and Phil works really hard on the vocals. The entire band added to making this a bumpy show-stopper!

It sucks that Vinnie Paul and Dimebag are gone. They made Pantera and they can (I don’t think) at any point copy this setup. It’s pointless to consider on the grounds that it’s actual. At any rate, the music is altogether unique and snappy. Tunes like “Strength Beyond Strength”, “Shedding Skin” and “Slaughtered” are my top choices. In any case, as I said, a large portion of the melodies I enjoyed, only those three I like the most. Dimebag was exceptional with the riffs and leads nobody can supplant him! It’s a miserable destiny for Pantera however they made great collections in spite of them losing their lives. I like their past discharges too. Simply this one is my top pick.

The creation quality caught everything. The guitars, bass, drums and vocals were totally blended in well. Furthermore, on the off chance that you don’t have this delivery yet, get it! It’s on Spotify and YouTube, yet I’m asking you to get the genuine CD! There’s simply so numerous achievement minutes on here. It’s one not to leave behind in showing backing to the music scene and stretching your CD assortment! Some incredible minutes, well really various minutes! The guitar and vocals were incredible! I loved this the entire way through take out a portion of the pointless tunes and it’ll simply be great. Own it!

Pantera Far Beyond Driven Tracklist

CD 1

  • 01. Strength Beyond Strength (3:39)
  • 02. Becoming (3:06)
  • 03. 5 Minutes Alone (5:48)
  • 04. I’m Broken (4:25)
  • 05. Good Friends And A Bottle Of Pills (2:53)
  • 06. Hard Lines, Sunken Cheeks (7:01)
  • 07. Slaughtered (3:57)
  • 08. 25 Years (6:06)
  • 09. Shedding Skin (5:38)
  • 10. Use My Third Arm (4:52)
  • 11. Throes Of Rejection (5:01)
  • 12. Planet Caravan (3:57)Total time: 56:24

CD 2

Far Beyond Bootleg – Live From Donington ’94

  • 01. Use My Third Arm (4:05)
  • 02. Walk (5:16)
  • 03. Strength Beyond Strength (4:02)
  • 04. Domination / Hollow (6:54)
  • 05. Slaughtered (3:57)
  • 06. Fucking Hostile (2:58)
  • 07. This Love (7:16)
  • 08. Mouth For War (4:02)
  • 09. Cowboys From Hell (4:50)

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