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Draconian The Burning Halo FLAC RIP

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Upload General Information

Origin Country: Sweden
Style Genre: Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Audio Bitrate: Lossless
Audio Codec: Flac (.flac)
Rip Type: image+.cue
Length: 00:54:00
Label: Napalm Records (Germany)
Social: Draconian MYSPACE
Size: 449.7 MegaBytes.

Album Review

I recall, some 3 years ago or so, a friend of mine handed me an album called “Where Lovers Mourn” by a then-unknown band called Draconian. He described it as “Better than Swallow the Sun and My Dying Bride” – and nearly instantly got my curiousity about the find. I then heard Draconian’s debut album for the first time – and was astonished. Where Lovers Mourn had perfect balance between everything I ever liked about Doom metal – Clean singing carefully combined with vicious, dark growls. Long, Monotonous riffs, accompanied by serene piano melodies one second, and nearly death-metal riffs combined with vicious drumming the other, and much more. I was very happy with the new artists I’ve discovered, and thus – also very disappointed with their 2nd album, released back in 2005, called Arcane Rain Fell, or in short – ARF.

Something about ARF just didn’t fit as well as Where Lovers Mourn did. Maybe it was the fact the band decided to take a much more gothic approach to music, and twist the balance between clean singing and growling to the clean singing’s favour. ARF didn’t get too many spins on my stereo, as it simply bored me. Even though the line between gothic and doom metal is thin, I am not too much of a goth-fan, as much as I like dark, moody doom metal.

With the whole ARF disappointment, I was kind of sceptic about Draconian’s latest release – The Burning Halo. Unlike when ARF was released, that I stormed the closest CD-store and was one of the first to purchase the CD in my country, with The Burning Halo I have waited until recently to even acquire the CD, and I can say that was a mistake, because those four months it took me to decide to give Draconian a 2nd chance were four months I could use to listen to this masterpiece!
The Burning Halo is, to me, Draconian’s declaration of uniqueness. This album shouts, unlike ARF, “There’s standard, old-school gothic metal, and there’s us!” . With The Burning Halo, Draconian managed to reach an even better balance between their softer and darker sides. Songs like “The Morningstar” best describe their Doom/death sides, while songs like “She Dies” show a softer side, often shown in ARF, only in the perfect dosage and timing.

Another nice thing about The Burning Halo is the 2 covers sealing this album, “On Sunday They Will Kill the World”, originally by a progressive rock band called Ekseption, and “Forever my Queen” , of the heavy metal legend Pentagram. Draconian manage to make both songs sound, in my opinion, much better than the origin, with “On Sunday They Will Kill the World” becoming excellent fusion-doom metal (first song of that genre to have ever been created, I guess :), and “Forever my Queen” becoming some sort of odd industrial-death metal that sounds bloody great!

Draconian prooves yet again that they’re one hell of a band, and unlike in their former albums, even experiment a little with things that don’t always go hand in hand with doom or gothic metal..

The Burning Halo Tracklist

  • 01 – She Dies
  • 02 – Through Infectious Waters (A Sickness Elegy)
  • 03 – The Dying
  • 04 – Serenade of Sorrow
  • 05 – The Morningstar
  • 06 – The Gothic Embrace
  • 07 – On Sunday They Will Kill the World
  • 08 – Forever My Queen

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