Cacophony Go Off! FLAC (1988) [MEGA]

Cacophony Go Off! FLAC RIP

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Upload General Information

Origin Country: United States
Style Genre: Neoclassical Speed Metal/Shred
Audio Bitrate: Lossless
Audio Codec: Flac (.flac)
Rip Type: image+.cue
Length: 00:39:59
Catalog ID: KICP-91505
Label: Kng Rec
Social: Marty Friedman Facebook
Size: 291 MegaBytes.

About this Album

This is the second and final record of the band Cacophony. The lineup has changed, as atma anur was replaced with Kenny Stavropoulos, and Jimmy O`shea was added as a bass player. The actaul drumming on the record was done by Deen Castronovo, as Kenny joined them for the tours. Guitar masters are really shining in this one too, Becker and Friedman do a great job as usual, with crazy and complex lead guitars, harmonized. The songs are more focused on the whole band, unlike last album which was a complete showcase for Becker and Friedman.

This is a classic record in terms of guitar playing, just because Becker and Friedman are awesome guitarists and song writers. It’s less wanky than the last one, they learned to balance the shred stuff. The highlights are title track, Black Cat, Floating World and Images. The production is better this time. After this one both axe-men went their own way, although they helped each other in their solo records. If you like the guitar playing, I highly suggest you check the first record, speed metal symphony. Also check “Perpetual Burn” by Becker, and “Dragons Kiss” by Friedman. You wont be disappointed.

Go Off! Tracklist

  • 01. X-Ray Eyes (5:10)
  • 02. E.S.P. (6:07)
  • 03. Stranger (3:25)
  • 04. Go Off! (3:47)
  • 05. Black Cat (7:45)
  • 06. Sword Of The Warrior (5:10)
  • 07. Floating World (5:10)
  • 08. Images (3:44)

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