Light Field Reverie Another World FLAC (2020) [MEGA]

Light Field Reverie Another World FLAC RIP

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Upload General Information

Origin Country: International
Style Genre: Atmospheric Doom Metal
Audio Bitrate: Lossless
Audio Codec: Flac (.flac)
Rip Type: image+.cue
Length: 00:41:47
Catalog ID: AV406CD
Label: Avantgarde Music
Social: Light Field Reverie Facebook
Size: 283 MegaBytes.

Album Review Another World

A month after the effective release of her hotly anticipated sophomore album with Draconian, Under A Godless Veil, Langhans has another contribution as Light Field Reverie’s introduction exertion, Another World. Light Field Reverie sees Langhans unite with Sojourner individuals Scotty Lodge (bass) and Mike Lamb (all other instruments); in any case, the sound is far more arranged towards Draconian than the atmospheric black metal outfit. In fact, not exclusively does Another World lean substantially towards the destruction sound of Draconian, however it offers veritable rivalry to Under A Godless Veil for the best album featuring Langhans this year.

At its base, Another World is a Gothic-arranged destruction album in a similar vein to Under A Godless Veil; notwithstanding, there are several things that recognize it from Langhans’ other undertaking. For one thing, there are occasional snarls (most notably towards the finish of “Ghost Bird”), yet they’re a lot of a minor feature; this isn’t a beauty and the beast-style exertion. Probably a greater component that recognizes Light Field Reverie, in any case, is their utilization of gadgets; from the beats that open “Ultraviolet” to the electro-beat underpinning the title track, in addition to the regular, roused utilization of keyboards and synths, hardware play a major part in shaping the soundscape of Another World, helping separate it from similar bands under the destruction umbrella. There are also some post-rock/metal clues joined into parts of the record (although the initial sort classification of this album as post-metal was somewhat off target). The melancholic destruction, dominated by Langhans’ blending vocals and atmospheric riffs, are the main impetus of the record, yet these other components incorporated into the sound of Another World assist it with being its own thing, separated from natural comparisons, for example, those to Draconian.

In any case, it’s not what makes up the tunes, but rather how well they are composed that makes Another World a particularly convincing tune in. “Ultraviolet” is a solid opener, the gradual development leading into a moderate yet impactful exertion with memorable, haunting vocal tunes, brash ear-catching synths, and enjoyable exciting bends in the road as it advances. “The Oldest House” for a very long time feels like a more curbed exertion, however winds up inclination rather bustling when everything culminates near the end, driving into some thick, rebuffing riffs as it reaches its decision. The center two tunes are perhaps the most contrasting; “Ghost Bird” is a protracted, sprawling track, one of the slowest and doomiest endeavors here, while “Another World” is oversimplified and with something of a 80s pop mentality through its utilization of hardware and the earworm vocal snares. Frankly, I wind up more drawn towards the latter approach, with the title track rivaling “Ultraviolet” for my favorite melody on Another World. Nevertheless, the band viably move between doomy crawls and livelier fare with a natural stream.

I’ve given Another World many tunes in, and I’m really not exactly sure whether I like it pretty much than Under A Godless Veil; both are all around created, reliably enjoyable endeavors. Draconian’s album has the more grounded highlights, however on a melody by-tune basis I may pretty very much want Light Field Reverie’s work. Nevertheless, the trouble I have in separating the two is a decent indicator of what great work the two bands have done, and Langhans has been an integral part of the two albums’ greatness.

Another World Tracklist

  • 01. Ultraviolet (6:52)
  • 02. The Oldest House (6:08)
  • 03. Ghost Bird (8:44)
  • 04. Another World (5:50)
  • 05. Dreamwalker (4:44)
  • 06. All Roads Lead Home (9:27)

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