Arthemesia a.O.a. FLAC (2009) [MEGA]

Arthemesia a.O.a.  FLAC RIP

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Upload General Information

Origin Country: Finland
Style Genre: Melodic Black Metal
Audio Bitrate: Lossless
Audio Codec: Flac (.flac)
Rip Type: image+.cue
Length: 00:51:44
Catalog ID: Spikefarm Records
Label: NAULA 104
Social: Athemesia Facebook
Size: 336 MegaBytes.

Album Review

Thus the collection of records that could be classified under ‘intriguing’ proceeds. Another band of which I recently didn’t have a clue about the name, “a.O.a.” is the second delivery by the Finn’s Arthemesia. Similar to the standard, the constituents of this part dark metal, part encompassing and part agnostic/viking project display a depraved relationship with different groups from the nation – you’ll discover individuals from Ensiferum, Moonsorrow and even Lordi here, and that is simply in the current musicians.

TIn spite of the fact that not clear in the words you’ll really hear or comprehend in tuning in to “a.O.a.”, the subjects of shamanism, magic(k) and otherworldliness have had an exposing on the music as in melodies like the title track and “Patheme” energetic leads neutralize against air console sounds and a wide range of vocal styles to make a collection a lot further than most tasteless BM issues. These styles, including the semi-scream of Emperor’s Ihsahn, the more standard darkened snarl found in Thyrfing for instance, and as often as possible Quorthon-esque perfect and spoken vocals bring about a bright range that loans itself well to the variety of components in “a.O.a.”. Taking after my emotions in audit for ongoing Solstafir and Bilocate records, various listens are needed for a comprehension of what’s on proposal here as Arthemesia aren’t hesitant to moderate the speed and let reflective guitars show the route forward as in “The Noble Elements”, exhibiting songwriting abilities missing in many others playing in a comparable field.

TAs anybody is slanted to do, at various stages over various listens an entire plenty of notifiable groups uncover their impacts on this work of Arthemesia’s. The key is viking-time Bathory in the spotless vocals of “Patheme” however figuring out the real story will uncover Emperor, Katatonia, Wolves In The Throne Room, Windir, Zyklon, among others. No place more apparent is the incorporation of various impacts than in shutting track “Liber Omega (and The Macrocosm Manifest III)” where speed metal, jazz, dark metal and dazzling resplendent guitar leads sit together perfectly, riding on the precise and broad creation work permitting every one of these groups to be heard without enduring over-controlling consoles or clicky drums, so frequently the cerebral pain in a reformist limit metal record. In the event that you thought groups like iwrestledabearonce realized how to gather demonizing sounds into one tune, you are unfortunately mixed up. “Liber Omega…” sees these areas mix consistently into one another, as opposed to being isolated by characterized ‘sections’ and mid-melody stops.

TBeing the primary full assortment of tunes from individuals from all the more notable groups in 8 years loans this band and collection the vibe of a side-project, yet in the event that the individuals from Arthemesia at any point wanted to stop their bill-paying groups there exists an altogether reformist and expert band standing ready to take off them higher than ever. This is another magnificent delivery from a band noone would have considered being a selection for a spot in the current year’s main 10 collection discharges.

Arthemesia a.O.a. Tracklist

  • 1. Of the Owls, of the Wolves and of the Nature: Revisiting the Microcosm (Pt. I) 03:00
  • 2. Valkoinen susi 08:25
  • 3. Patheme 13:08
  • 4. a.O.a. 06:57
  • 5. The Noble Elements 10:20
  • 6. Liber Omega (& The Macrocosm Manifest III) 09:54

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