Anabantha Letanías capítulo I FLAC (2006) [MEGA]

Anabantha Letanías capítulo I  FLAC RIP

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Upload General Information

Origin Country: Mexico
Style Genre: Gothic Metal
Audio Bitrate: Lossless
Audio Codec: Flac (.flac)
Rip Type: image+.cue
Length: 00:48:16
Catalog ID: CD-DSD-6381
Label: Discos y Cintas Denver
Social: Anabantha’s Facebook
Size: 331 MegaBytes.

About this Album

While tuning in to a great deal of the other Anabantha collections, I totally over looked ‘Letanias Capitulo 1’. Which, recalling, how the hellfire right? This is the 2006 re-recorded verion of the groups first since forever delivered demo from 2001. The achievement that put Anabantha out there. What’s more, presently it’s back, in excess of anyone’s imagination. I’ve tuned in to the demo forms, which were great quality, considering the way that they were demos. In any case, presently they are cleaner and more extravagant in sound (normally). The tunes are really short, and are the absolute quickest and most remarkable the band has at any point composed, however not the most develop. However, Anabantha actually has a great deal of ability.

The collection gets going with a short introduction, that gives you some vocal tune reviews from later tunes, which will give path for the subsequent track ‘Sentido Pesame’ (the band’s Mexican, every one of the melodies are in spanish). Here Duan Marie, the singer utilizes an operatic style that is uncommon in Anabantha’s music, she ordinarily utilizes a customary clean vocal style. The operatic will not be utilized again until the second portion of the ‘Letanias’ collection arrangement, that being said it’s just for a brief period. Alongside Duan, Vlad Landeros, the band’s drummer additionally sings with an imposing barritone that praises his female partner pleasantly.

Riffs are weighty with light bending that makes up the principle body of the music. Drums supply jogging thumps with a specific enthusiastic drives that truly moves the music. These two together make the forceful side of the music, and to give ballance piano and console parts are layered on top. These increases make a sort of excellence and climate that finishes the music.

The lone gigantic issue about the collection is the last track before the outro, ‘La Barerra’ is very nearly five minutes in length, and unadulterated filler. Duan just does backing vocals for this tune, so Vladcan get the lead, which is anything but a serious deal, there are a lot of melodies where he does every one of the vocals. However, here, everything he does is holler, which I don’t care for. For me. Hollering must be done with a specific goal in mind, you know, with tone! Likewise I don’t care for that the outro is before the extra tracks on the track posting, however that is simply me being fanatical.

All in all, this collection is the absolute heaviest, quickest material Anabantha has delivered, but on the other hand is well ballanced. Duan Marie has an ideal voice that simply takes off over all the vivacious music, that in spite of being a gothic metal band, isn’t pushed right in the back ground like numerous groups of the class do. Likewise, I feel Anabantha is one of those groups that has a great deal of ability yet gets over looked on the grounds that it’s not one of the greater names. They have the right to grow outside of Mexico and South America.

Anabantha Letanías capítulo I Tracklist

  • 01. Letanías 01:54
  • 02. Sentido pésame 04:04
  • 03. Vampiro 03:04
  • 04. Anabantha 04:24
  • 05. Santa agonía 03:08
  • 06. Delirio 03:10
  • 07. Mátame 03:39
  • 08. Déjame ir 03:45
  • 09. El escondite 03:14
  • 10. Manantial 04:38
  • 11. La barrera 04:41
  • 12. Resurrección 01:15
  • 13. Penitencia 03:54
  • 14. Historia de terror 03:26

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