Windir Valfar ein Windir FLAC (2004) [MEGA]

Windir Valfar ein Windir  FLAC RIP

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Upload General Information

Origin Country: Norway
Style Genre: Melodic Black/Folk/Viking Metal
Audio Bitrate: Lossless
Audio Codec: Flac (.flac)
Rip Type: image+.cue
Length: 01:13:30
Catalog ID: TABU006
Label: Tabu Recordings
Social: Windir Spotify
Size: 947 MegaBytes.

Album Review Valfar ein Windir

Windir’s vocation was an extraordinarily epic one, consisting of two demos and four collections, the entirety of a unimaginably excellent. This quality is essentially because of the band’s genius, Valfar, whose terrible demise in a snowstorm in 2004 finished Windir. Notwithstanding, his confidants and companions made a last, gigantic exertion in his memory and hence was conceived this superb 2CD compilation collection: Valfar, ein Windir: Valfar, a Warrior.

The principal portion of the primary CD consists of two recently recorded tracks: the short introduction Stri, and the 6-minute Viking metal work of art Stridsmann. These are the last unique Windir chronicles, delivered after death, and they’re a commendable closure of an astounding band’s presence. This part is trailed by a concise section of re-recorded songs, the first of which was an instrumental initially found on the band’s first demo and the other one being a front of Ulcus (a firmly related dark metal band). Both these tracks are excellent numbers, however unique: the previous’ an instrumental track and the last is a Windir-done symphonic dark metal cover, adding more variation to this entire compilation.

The second significant piece of this chronicle is likely the most fascinating from a melodic perspective: five Windir covers by an exceptionally differed gathering of craftsmen. First comes Enslaved’s rendition of Dauden, and it’s a remarkable number. This is genuinely one of those occasions where the gifts of two extraordinary metal groups are joined in one single song (Enslaved’s exhibition with Windir’s songwriting) and the outcome is astonishing. Grutle does a marvelous vocal work, both clean and snarled, and the remainder of the band’s exhibition is perfect, adding a slight Enslaved climate to everything. Tragically, this transposition of the covering band’s sound works in the specific contrary manner with the front of Ending: Finntroll does it. Here, the first Windir sound is supplanted by the brand name Finntroll retardation. Unreasonable consoles and savage imitation vocals, along with that idiotic “people bouncing around” impact, all work together to make this quite much less astute than the first. All things considered, it’s a Windir song and even someone like Finntroll can’t make it unlistenable; furthermore, the accolade exertion was exceptionally praiseworthy, it’s simply that I’d have given a ton to see them supplanted by, say, Moonsorrow.

Valfar, ein Windir is maybe the most ideal approach to end a band’s vocation, particularly one which finished on such an awful note. This is an accolade compilation of unquestionably the most elevated request, being very pleasant from start to finish. The sheer wide range of ways to deal with acclaim crafted by Valfar, and the greatness of every one of those methodologies, is sufficient to make this compilation an unpreventably fundamental chronicle for anyone, and I mean anyone, who considers himself a Windir fan, or a Viking metal fan so far as that is concerned. This is unadulterated splendor, and I’m sure that Valfar is very glad for individuals associated with the creation of this compilation.

Windir Valfar ein Windir Tracklist


  • 01. Stri (Intro) (01:25)
  • 02. Stridsmann (05:54)
  • 03. Dans På Stemmehaugen (06:29)
  • 04. The Profound Power (04:57)
  • 05. Dauden (05:13)
  • 06. Ending (02:57)
  • 07. Mørkets Fyrste (04:13)
  • 08. Destroy (04:56)
  • 09. Likbør (05:26)
  • 10. Svartasmeden Og Lundamyrstrollet (Live) (09:14)
  • 11. Blodssvik (Live) (07:45)

CD 2:

  • 01. Soge II (Framkomsten) (01:33)
  • 02. Krigaren Si Gravferd (06:24)
  • 03. Sognariket Sine Krigarar (05:38)
  • 04. Byrjing (03:18)
  • 05. Arntor, Ein Windir (06:58)
  • 06. Saknet (10:04)
  • 07. 1184 (05:29)
  • 08. Journey To The End (09:34)
  • 09. Martyrium (04:59)
  • 10. Fagning (08:28)
  • 11. On The Mountain Of Goats (05:25)
  • 12. Sòknardalr (05:45)

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