Windir Likferd FLAC (2003) [MEGA]

Windir Likferd  FLAC RIP

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Upload General Information

Origin Country: Norway
Style Genre: Melodic Black/Folk/Viking Metal
Audio Bitrate: Lossless
Audio Codec: Flac (.flac)
Rip Type: image+.cue
Length: 00:48:34
Catalog ID: HNF 058
Label: Head Not Found
Social: Windir Spotify
Size: 395 MegaBytes.

Album Review Likferd

This is my number one Windir collection, displaying every one of the components that made this band extraordinary. Is this Melodic Black Metal? Dark Metal with melodic propensities? Whatever it will be, it’s acceptable.

The collection starts creepy and unstable, with a balanced, full stable. I don’t know why, however a ton of Black Metal sounds metallic. An excess of high pitch in the blend. Windir raises the bass and drums, and adds a bit of reverb to the guitar parts. Everything amounts to an incredible sounding collection.

Some Black Metal demonstrations utilize the consoles principally for song, while others use them for mind-set. Windir doesn’t appear to depend on the consoles for anything specifically, but instead utilizes them as a feature of the band. It’s not simply a foundation instrument, in other words. ‘Blosdssvik’ for instance contains an abnormal ass console recess, while it appears in ‘On the Mountain of Goats’ as an underhanded sounding introduction.

The remainder of ‘On the Mountain of Goats’ sounds somewhat test in parts, switching up between practically unadulterated Black to traditional Heavy Metal. Can’t say it’s my top choice, however it sure sounds intriguing.

The vocals are totally traditional Black Metal from start to finish, yet choral components show up every so often. Tear Terje Bakken, great singers are elusive. The most simply Black Metal track on the collection is likely ‘Autocrat’. Helps me a great deal to remember ‘Hail Murder’ by Dark Funeral.

The champion track on Likferd is ‘Fagning’. This is a monumental focal point to a generally extraordinary collection. More than 8 minutes long, it contains all that you could need from Windir. Thundering vocals, clean choral pieces, guitar harmonization, jogging bass/drum cadence overlaid by a fabulous folksy independent guitar… It blows me away. Not a second is squandered.

The last track ‘Ætti Mørkna’ fills in as a broad, victorious nearer. Additionally a significant long track (not exactly 8 minutes), and it very well may be longer. It could go on the entire day and I wouldn’t see any problems.

For any devotee of melodic limit metal should appreciate this. Likewise go look at Vreid, which is the place where the greater part of the folks wound up after the demise of their entertainer.

Due to the high replay esteem, and the way that every one of the tracks are extraordinary (well, ‘Goats’ puts me off a piece) I give this collection a high score.

Windir Likferd Tracklist

  • 01. Resurrection of the Wild (05:51)
  • 02. Martyrium (05:00)
  • 03. Despot (06:00)
  • 04. Blodssvik (05:45)
  • 05. Fagning (08:31)
  • 06. On the Mountain of Goats (05:21)
  • 07. Dauden (04:19)
  • 08. Ætti Mørkna (07:42)

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