Windir Arntor FLAC (1998) [MEGA]

Windir Arntor  FLAC RIP

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Upload General Information

Origin Country: Norway
Style Genre: Melodic Black/Folk/Viking Metal
Audio Bitrate: Lossless
Audio Codec: Flac (.flac)
Rip Type: image+.cue
Length: 00:46:14
Catalog ID: HNF 048
Label: Head Not Found
Social: Windir Bandcamp
Size: 376 MegaBytes.

Album Review Arntor

Windir is a band that was made by Sognadal local Terje “Valfar” Bakken, a young fellow that played numerous instruments (guitar, piano, and accordion to give some examples) and adored the immortal specialty of metal. He made Windir to play Black Metal that was intensely impacted by his pride in neighborhood people music. Valfar additionally had pride in his neighborhood culture and language; verses from his initial two collections are about Sognadal’s (Valfar’s old neighborhood) nearby history and sung in Sognamål, or a Norwegian lingo that is spoken in Sognadal. All through his melodic vocation he made an aggregate of four LPs (His initial two being totally played and arranged without anyone else) until his inconvenient passing on January 14, 2004. The abandoned musicians (all from the now ancient Ulcus) finished Windir’s inheritance with Valfar delivering one more collection (Valfar, ein Windir) in accolade for the band’s fallen chief.

Arntor, the sophomore arrival of Windir (Valfar’s last independent collection) and is as I would see it the ideal collection. For what reason do I say this? The symbolism Valfar makes in every tune is fantastic, the craftsmanship of the instruments played is magnificent and each melody on this collection has character.

From the introduction of Byrjing to Arntor, ein Windir and finishing at (you got it!) Ending, each tune is a new breath of breath air that never gets flat. The guitars on this collection are amazing; really magnificent doesn’t start to clarify how great the guitars are. They have the twisting of dark metal yet the riffs are altogether unadulterated Norwegian society. The strings reverberation an emptied dream of a marriage among Metal and Folk, a fantasy that groups past to Windir just started to consummate. The synths (additionally great) add a people component that makes a climate of Norway; a picture that causes you to feel like you are strolling through the backwoods, ascending the precarious mountains, or cruising in the profound fjords of the North Land. All consolidated makes a frightful memory of an age where long ships and blades were as yet in wide use, and men were decided by their honor.

In the event that you are a devotee of metal: THIS IS A MUST BUY! Particularly on the off chance that you appreciate Black Metal or you are an aficionado of groups like Ensiferum, Thyrfing, Finntroll, or Falkenbach. This collection is acceptable to the point that I can’t pick a main tune; I can just consider Arntor to be an entirety.

Windir Arntor Tracklist

  • 01. Byrjing (The Beginning) (03:17)
  • 02. Arntor, ein windir (Arntor, a Warrior) (06:57)
  • 03. Kong Hydnes Haug (The Burial Mound of King Hydnes) (06:37)
  • 04. Svartesmeden Og Lundamyrstrollet (The Blacksmith and The Troll of Lundamyri) (09:02)
  • 05. Kampen (The Struggle) (06:37)
  • 06. Saknet (The Longing) (10:03)
  • 07. Ending (Ending) (03:39)

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