Warmen – Unknown Soldier APE (2000) [MEGA]

Warmen - Unknown Soldier APE RIP

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Upload General Information

Origin Country: Finland
Style Genre: Melodic Power Metal / Neo-Classical
Audio Bitrate: Lossless
Audio Codec: APE (.APE)
Rip Type: image+cue
Booklet: no
Length: 00:45.23
Catalog ID: SPI88CD
Label: Spinefarm Records
Visit: Warmen on Facebook
Size: 334 Megabytes

About this Album

The album features guest vocalists such as Timo Kotipelto (Stratovarius) and Kimberly Goss (Sinergy). It combines elements of power metal, neoclassical shred, and progressive influences. The album offers an impressive display of technical musicianship, with Wirman’s virtuosic keyboard playing taking center stage. The guitar work by Sami Virtanen is equally impressive, delivering fast and melodic solos that complement the grandiose atmosphere of the music. The rhythm section, consisting of bassist Lauri Porra and drummer Mirka Rantanen, provides a solid foundation for the intricate compositions. “Unknown Soldier” showcases a diverse range of songs, from fast-paced tracks like “Evil in You” and “Fire Within” to more melodic and atmospheric pieces like “Spark” and “Burning Point.”

The guest vocalists bring their own unique styles to the album, adding depth and variety to the overall sound. While the technical proficiency of the musicians is undeniable, some critics have noted that the songwriting lacks consistency, resulting in a slightly disjointed listening experience. Additionally, the production quality could be improved to better highlight the individual instruments and enhance the overall impact of the music. Overall, “Unknown Soldier” is a solid release for fans of neoclassical power metal, showcasing Warmen’s musical talent and penchant for creating epic and energetic compositions. Despite some minor flaws, the album offers an enjoyable listening experience for those who appreciate technicality and melody in their metal music.

Unknown Soldier Album Tracklist

  • 01. Introduction (0:00:51.70)
  • 02. The Evil That Warmen Do (0:04:12.60)
  • 03. Devil`s Mistress (0:05:52.09)
  • 04. Hopeless Optimism (0:05:06.41)
  • 05. Unknown Soldier (0:03:18.11)
  • 06. Fire Within (0:03:21.22)
  • 07. Warcry Of Salieri (0:05:53.46)
  • 08. Into The Oblivion (0:03:52.19)
  • 09. Piano Intro To (0:03:37.17)
  • 10. Treasure Within (0:04:20.51)
  • 11. Soldiers Of Fortune (0:04:57.25)

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