Uaral – Lamentos a Poema Muerto FLAC (2007) [MEGA]

Uaral - Lamentos a Poema Muerto FLAC RIP

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Upload General Information

Origin Country: Chile
Style Genre: Folk/Doom Metal
Audio Bitrate: Lossless
Audio Codec: Flac (.flac)
Rip Type: Image+.cue
Booklet: YES
Length: 00:44:34
Catalog ID: MGLH002-2
Label: Lost Horizon / Octagon Music Group
Visit: Uaral`s Social Page
Size: 244.1 MB

About this Album

Fan Review: It’s this collection is about… Feelings. From despairing to gloom, from trouble to surrender, they appear to endure with each note, each sound. They don’t attempt to take impacts from different groups or types, just from their heart. I never went to Chile, yet with this collection, I’m certain the existence should not be simple there! Regardless of whether it’s abstract, as I would see it, it’s the most burdensome collection at any point delivered!

Presently, for the music… It’s generally people with destruction components, however I can barely see any metal components in this music aside from the snarling. There are people instruments, for example, woodwind or acoustic guitar and they are impeccably executed, giving a truly melancholic feel. There are likewise the normal instruments yet the main part is beyond question the acoustic guitar, making brilliant tunes. The redundancy is utilized frequently to support the distress. With everything taken into account, the instrument part is impeccably executed with a broadened utilization of instruments. What is significantly more amazing is that there is just a single individual (Aciago) playing every one of the instruments!

The vocals are likewise magnificent and some sort of exploratory. There are the profound throaty vocals and the perfect vocals for certain crying parts. Now and again, he appears to detonate with not many “dark” vocal parts. The singing is extremely personal and impeccably fit the music!

Regardless of whether the music is exceptionally remarkable, I would prescribe it to fans of Empyrium, Estatic Fear, Tenhi, Kauan. For individuals who like just aggresive metal, keep away from this!

A genuine magnum opus of feelings!

Lamentos a Poema Muerto Album Tracklist

  • 01. Preludio a la Siembra (1:42)
  • 02. La Escritura y el Alarido (5:30)
  • 03. Lamentos… (10:49)
  • 04. Surrendered to the Decadence (Parte 2) (6:11)
  • 05. El Campesino (2:43)
  • 06. Eterno en Mi (7:15)
  • Extra Track:
  • 07. Acidal (Tonada para el huerto Re Menor) (10:22)

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