Trees Of Eternity Hour Of The Nightingale FLAC (2016) [MEGA]

Trees Of Eternity Hour Of The Nightingale  FLAC RIP

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Upload General Information

Origin Country: International
Style Genre: Atmospheric Doom Metal
Audio Bitrate: Lossless
Audio Codec: Flac (.flac)
Rip Type: image+.cue
Length: 01:02:45
Catalog ID: 27361 3635
Social: Trees of Eternity Facebook
Size: 1.18 GigaBytes.

Album Review Hour Of The Nightingale

Trees of Eternity was a side task from Swallow the Sun’s guitarist and establishing part Juha Raivio and his partner Aleah Stanbridge on vocals. Originally an acoustic undertaking, it expanded into a completely fledged metal band with the addition of Kai Haito (Wintersun, Nightwish) on drums and the Norman brothers from October Tide on guitar and bass. The album is revolved around Aleah’s voice, with melancholic music spanning destruction metal and alternative stone giving the backdrop for her unimaginable voice to sparkle. Tragically Aleah passed away from cancer in April of last year before the presentation album saw the light of day. Already completed, Juha wanted to make sure the album would come out, and Hour of the Nightingale was finally released in November last year. From the principal vocal lines of My Requiem, Trees of Eternity overwhelmed me at the first tune in, affecting me like no other album has accomplished for a long time, regardless of being so heavy hitting and emotional it’s had me tuning in to it again and again from start to wrap up. An ideal recognition, the music on this album is beautiful, a really melancholic and heartbreaking album.

Trees of Eternity’s music sits immovably inside the female fronted destruction metal kind started in the early nineties with The Third and the Mortal, The Gathering and Theater of Tragedy, yet without a sound that aspires to any of those bands, or other famous gatherings inside the class, for example, Draconian. It also has a separate sound from the death-destruction metal of Juha’s main task Swallow the Sun, drawing minimal impact. Instead Trees of Eternity have discovered a novel sound inside the class, that moves between an atmospheric brand of alternative stone, and gothic-touched destruction metal, that’s totally vocal-driven.

Aleah’s voice is not quite the same as a great deal of the artists in the class, there’s no operatic interpretations, nor is her singing style belting out capably over heavy riffs. Her voice is soft and dreamy, with each word and syllable intonated flawlessly with crystal clarity, the immense force in her voice coming not from the volume, which is soft all through the album, however from the blending feeling and strength she places into her singing. The verses are suitably heavy hitting on each melody of the album, very melancholic and pitiful. As four of the tracks are re-recorded from a demo released back in 2013, one can’t say whether or not the verses and vocals were affected by information on the cancer she passed away from, however whether conceived out of presentiment or not the tragic circumstances makes the tune to opener My Requiem more poignant and heartbreaking

Hour Of The Nightingale Tracklist

  • 01. My Requiem. (06:03)
  • 02. Eye Of Night. (06:05)
  • 03. Condemned To Silence (feat. Mick Moss of Antimatter). (05:23)
  • 04. A Million Tears. (07:14)
  • 05. Hour Of The Nightingale. (05:36)
  • 06.The Passage. (06:11)
  • 07. Broken Mirror. (05:56)
  • 08. Black Ocean. (07:02)
  • 09. Sinking Ships. (03:36)
  • 10. Gallows Bird (feat. Nick Holmes of Paradise Lost) (09:39)

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