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Spawn of Possession Incurso FLAC RIP

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Upload General Information

Origin Country: United States
Style Genre: Technical Death Metal
Audio Bitrate: Lossless
Audio Codec: Flac (.flac)
Rip Type: image+.cue
Length: 52:32
Label: Napalm Records
Social: Spawn of Possession Bandcamp
Size: 459 MegaBytes.

Album Review

Spawn of Possession…what can I say? They’re one of those genre-defining bands that does a good job in being unique and having their own sound. This point is made no more clear than with their new album, Incurso.

I myself like to describe this album as having “the song composition of Noctambulant with the brutality of Cabinet”; all the songs are fairly complex, as per usual with SOP, but unlike their second album, the production and the phrasing does not detract from the heaviness of the music. Instead, I like to compare it to Obscura’s Omnivium album by saying by saying the brutality and the technicality of the music both coexist, mutually benefiting each other in a way that amplifies both aspects of the music.

In the beginning, we’re greeted with an eerie sounding instrumental intro track, in accord to SOP tradition. This time, however, it serves as a nice prelude to the ensuing madness. In songs like “Where Angels Go Demons Follow” and “The Evangelist”, we’re greeted with extremely brutal riffs akin to SOP’s trademark style of riffage, loaded with all sorts of avante-garde, classical-inspired guitar melodies. The vocals are also some of the best ever put out by SOP, with Dennis Rondum doing a wonderful combination of growls and scream/growl harmonies that sound more brutal than ever. The drums sound nice and punchy, and often vary from being ridiculously fast blast beats (The Evangelist, Deus Avertat, No Light Spared) to simple and catchy grooves (Servitude of Souls).

The instrument section is stronger than ever before on this album. With new bassist Erlend Caspersen, the bass has a much larger presence than on previous albums, made possible by Caspersen’s strong finger-picking style and the utilization of both 5 string-fretted and 6 string-fretless bass. The bass lines also vary more than simple isolated bass riffs, so the bass actually stands out in a creative way (“Spiritual Deception” is a superb example of this) that doesn’t sound forced just for the sake of having the bass be noticed. The guitar work is also catchy, as usual, and even does a few creative things here and there. For example, “Deus Avertat” includes a djent-style riff, which is accompanied by single-note arpeggios to accompany the chug riffing. Even better, the closing track “Apparition” includes a symphonic-sounding synthesizer that sounds very akin to something like Born of Osiris.

Christian Muenzner

And how could I ever forget Christian Muenzner, who is very easily this album’s best feature? Although he only recorded guitar solos on this album, they blend wonderfully with the SOP universe. With all sorts of melodic lines in songs like “Deus Avertat” and “Where Angels Go Demons Follow”, and of course a boatload of awesome shredding, his guitar work is the cherry on the sundae. Without him, this album would not have the definitive, badass sound it does.

INCURSO Tracklist

  • 01. Abodement (01:38)
  • 02. Where Angels Go Demons Follow (05:38)
  • 03. Bodiless Sleeper (05:47)
  • 04. The Evangelist (09:45)
  • 05. Servitude Of Souls (04:31)
  • 06. Deus Avertat (05:38)
  • 07. Spiritual Deception (06:34)
  • 08. No Light Spared (04:37)
  • 09. Apparition (08:25)

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