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Skyclad Forward Into The Past FLAC RIP

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Upload General Information

Origin Country: United Kingdom
Style Genre: Folk Metal
Audio Bitrate: Lossless
Audio Codec: Flac (.flac)
Rip Type: Image+.cue
Length: 0:43:10
Catalog ID: POSH367
Label: Listenable Records
Visit: Skyclad Social Page
Size: 371.4 MB

About this Album

SKYCLAD is one of the forerunner bands of Folk Metal. They have been in their career for many years, frequently releasing albums of very good musical quality. Influenced by Irish folk they achieved a unique style through their clean vocals and violins that are not missing in any album and even live they sound very festive. It’s been almost eight years since their last album and with “Forward Into the Past” released by Listenable Records, guitarist Dave Pugh returns to the band who rejoined in 2014. The album is composed of eleven songs where Kevin Ridley does a good vocal work. Of course, Martin Walkyier is no longer in their ranks. The album starts with the intro “A Storytellers’ Moon” which then reiterates its name at the end of the album (outro). There are compositions with more rock elements that can be appreciated in depth in “Borderline”. The metal remains faithful, the folk stamp and George Biddle’s violin that sounds majestic and highlights the songs with great melodies as in “Starstruck” and “Words Fail Me”. There is also a beautiful instrumental “Unresolved” with violin and acoustic guitars, although in “State of the Union Now” you can hear punk, heavy and folk elements. I find it significant that they still continue to compose lyrics with political and social overtones such as “The Queen of the Moors” and ‘Change Is Coming”. From England they recreate again a fantastic atmosphere very similar to the ones they achieved with albums from the late nineties. The album cover was made by Duncan Storr (Edge of Sanity, Rage), we recommend you give it a listen!

Forward Into The Past Tracklist

  • 1. A Storyteller’s Moon (Intro) 01:24
  • 2. State of the Union Now 03:26
  • 3. Change Is Coming 04:14
  • 4. Starstruck? 03:06
  • 5. A Heavy Price to Pay 03:03
  • 6. Words Fail Me 05:38
  • 7. Forward into the Past 03:39
  • 8. Unresolved 00:57
  • 9. The Queen of the Moors 03:08
  • 10. Last Summer’s Rain 05:34
  • 11. The Measure 02:52
  • 12. Borderline 04:33
  • 13. A Storyteller’s Moon (Outro) 01:36

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