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Kalisia - Cybion FLAC RIP

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Upload General Information

Origin Country: France
Style Genre: Progressive Death Metal
Audio Bitrate: Lossless
Audio Codec: Flac (.flac)
Rip Type: Image+cue
Booklet: Yes
Length: 01:11:11 + 0:55:30
Catalog ID: 94922-10360
Label: Independent.
Visit: Kalisia on Facebook
Size: 990 MB

About this Album

Fan review: This is an amazing concept album telling a story set in the future. The songs don’t follow a verse/chorus formula but form a continuous story. The music is not easily classified. Progressive symphonic metal comes to mind, but the mix of death growl vocals and occasional clean female vocals make it quite different. It is a complex piece, changing without effort between musical styles. It is an album I keep coming back to and enjoy more every time I play it. I would highly recommend this album to anyone into prog metal. The vocals might not appeal to everyone, but it somehow fits the album perfectly. The skills of the musicians and quality of this composition makes this album something to enjoy from start to end, and as the album ends I wish it wasn’t over.

Cybion Album Tracklist

    CD 1

  • 01. Introduction / Domination
  • 02. Aspiration Above
  • 03. Arken Bringer
  • 04. Alien Choice
  • 05. Awkward Decision
  • 06. Blineded Addict
  • 07. Beyond Betrayal
  • 08. Blessed Circle
  • 09. Black Despair
  • 10. Blurred Exile
  • 11. Cast Away
  • 12. Crisis Bleedings
  • 13. Cinfined Contender
  • 14. Circuits Distortion
  • 15. Contact Experience
  • 16. Devices Awakening
  • 17. Down Below
  • 18. Distant Chronicles
  • 19. Digital Disclosure
  • 20. Deserved Eternity

CD 2 (Bonus) :

  • 01. Tower of Vanities
  • 02. Chimera
  • 03. Lost Soul
  • 04. The Mental Frames pt. I (Instrumental)
  • 05. How Could I (Cynic Cover)
  • 06. A Fortune in Lies (Dream Theater Cover)
  • 07. I Am the Black Wizzards (Emperor Cover)
  • 08. This Dazzing Abyss (Loudblast Cover)

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