Haggard And Thou Shalt Trust… The Seer FLAC (1997) [MEGA]

Haggard And Thou Shalt Trust... The Seer FLAC RIP

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Upload General Information

Origin Country: Germany
Style Genre: Classical/Orchestral/Symphonic Metal
Audio Bitrate: Lossless
Audio Codec: Flac (.flac)
Rip Type: image+.cue
Length: 00:41:29
Catalog ID: SR 011
Label: Serenades Records
Social: Haggard Twitter
Size: 268 MegaBytes.

About this Album

Haggard is ostensibly the best band in the shoddy, expansive and ambiguous “symphonic metal” type. They know their specialty well. This collection, being their first official delivery, will acquaint you with their mix of traditional and metal that is exceptional and doesn’t experience the ill effects of any hinderances in attempting to liquefy the two styles together. An expression of caution: It is more probable for every tune to NOT be based on the guitar. All things considered, the guitar is generally utilized as another instrument in the tune creation measure. Same goes for the rough snarls that are probably going to be heard on the greater part of the non-instrumental tracks.

Here are a few particulars. The metal parts that are irregularly, yet intentionally positioned all through the eight tracks make up about 40% of this collection. Not being very knowledgeable in old style music, I will attempt to drop some arranger names that strike a chord when paying attention to Haggard. Ideally, I will not make an ass out of myself. Mozart. I certainly hear Mozart. The piano parts are suggestive of his Piano Sonatas. I likewise hear Brahms, Lizt and slight Vivaldi effects on the string artists. The impacts shouldn’t be astounding. I wish I find out about old style music to give a superior portrayal. Perhaps another person will take that assignment upon himself.

By and large, there is a heartfelt quality to this collection. Calling it Gothic wouldn’t wander excessively far from reality. The soprano vocals are stunning and are generally lovely norm for a Gothic metal outfit (Tristania, ToT, Sins of thy Beloved). The typical differentiation among snarls and other-worldly female vocals functions admirably. Believe no more? What about an ensemble? A Russian ensemble? You’ll need to look at Haggard’s subsequent collection Awakening The Centuries for that treat.

Dissimilar to Haggard’s Swedish archetypes Therion, the German band utilizes the ensemble in a really saving and fitting way. Likewise, they don’t annoy me as Therion’s ensemble does once in a while. No staggering male vocals and general sensation of intermittence. Close flawlessly.

This collection contains seven tracks of unadulterated splendor (2 of them simply instrumental) and ought to be heard by everybody in any event, considering looking at a “symphonic” or Gothic band. The outro (track 8) is a folky tune directly from the Renaissance. What is astonishing about this band, is that they figured out how to coordinate with this introduction with their subsequent delivery: Awakening the Centuries. I will not try to see it here.

In the event that you wouldn’t fret outside impacts in your valuable metals, this collection is an obligatory expansion to your assortment! Common!

And Thou Shalt Trust… The Seer Tracklist

  • 01. Chapter I: The Day as Heaven Wept (5:47)
  • 02. Chapter II: Origin of a Crystal Soul (5:55)
  • 03. Chapter II: Requiem in D-Minor (2:09)
  • 04. Chapter III: In a Pale Moon’s Shadow (9:38)
  • 05. Chapter III: Cantus Firmus in A-Minor (2:32)
  • 06. Chapter IV: De La Morte Noire (8:03)
  • 07. Chapter V: Lost (Robin’s Song) (4:25)
  • 08. Outro: A Midnight Gathering (3:00)

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