Estatic Fear A Sombre Dance FLAC (1999) [MEGA]

Estatic Fear A Sombre Dance FLAC RIP

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Upload General Information

Origin Country: Austria
Style Genre: Symphonic Doom Metal
Audio Bitrate: Lossless
Audio Codec: Flac (.flac)
Rip Type: image+.cue
Length: 56:54
Label: CCP Records
Social: Estatic Fear Spotify
Size: 339.6 MegaBytes.

Album Review

Estatic Fear is a band that comes from Austria. The band play a structure a fate metal that takes numerous components of exemplary music. This collection was made by Matthias Kogler and he employed a few meeting performers on the grounds that the other musicians left after the primary collection. Numerous individuals contrast this band and Empyrium, albeit both a totally different (and great as I would see it). Empyrium are a significantly more folky fate band (that turned dim people/neo society after two collections) while Estatic Fear are substantially more musical, all in all old style.

The collection highlights numerous instrumental entries with lutes, pianos, pipe, an organ and cello. You ought to likewise anticipate some female vocals and some brutal male vocals however don’t be frightened, they aren’t “magnificence and the monster” kind of vocals like you find in groups like After Forever or Draconian. Each track is incredibly melodic and are either lead by the piano or guitars. The piano songs are a long way from being cheesy like in numerous gothic metal groups, they are extremely old style sounding and lovely. A few tunes switch between the hauntingly excellent tunes and the harsher parts.

The creation on the collection is incredible. You hear all the instrument appropriately and obviously. It’s a long way from being sloppy creation like many fate metal groups. The musicianship is first class. Indeed, even the verses are lovely on the collection as you’ll see here:

“As the stars like crazy fauns,
Join the harvesters of souls dionystic look
We venture forward along with the pale shriveled spring
Also, join the pipings of their solemn dance”

The collection is isolated into 10 tracks that are totally considered “parts” aside from the first is an introduction. The collection times in at 49 minutes which is as yet viewed as long yet I find that it seems like 20 minutes.

To be brief, this is an extraordinary collection that I prescribe to any fanatic of fate metal or any sort of melodic music that is somewhat moderate. Aficionados of groups like: Empyrium, Fall of Every Season, How Like A Winter, My Dying Bride and numerous other fate metal fans should cherish this collection. Devotees of Alcest would likewise presumably like this collection however perhaps that is only my feeling heh.

A Sombre Dance Tracklist

  • 01. Intro (1:23)
  • 02. Chapter I (5:04)
  • 03. Chapter II (4:52)
  • 04. Chapter III (3:33)
  • 05. Chapter IV (10:32)
  • 06. Chapter V (4:52)
  • 07. Chapter VI (4:50)
  • 08. Chapter VII (4:52)
  • 09. Chapter VIII (3:16)
  • 10. Chapter IX (6:22)

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