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Cemetery of Scream Melancholy FLAC RIP

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Upload General Information

Origin Country: Norway
Style Genre: Doom/GothiC Metal
Audio Bitrate: Lossless
Audio Codec: Flac (.flac)
Rip Type: image+.cue
Length: 01:04:26
Label: Croon Records.
Social: COS Facebook
Size: 781.3 MegaBytes.


Album Review

Even at their crucible, Cemetery of Scream was a force unto themselves. Original, dark and not afraid to experiment best sum up the bands humble beginnings. It’s always nice when you can listen to a band, put them in a category and do so without pointing out who they sound like. Such is the case with one of Poland’s finest.

The opening and closing tracks are 110% My Dying Bride worship, thankfully these are the only parts of the album that sound this way. The production is weak all around and the guitars suffer for it. The guitars are heavy and utilize more crunch to open chorded parts. There are a few leads and solos and unlike the bands future recordings there isn’t a lot of guitar harmonization. It sounds as if they tuned to ‘D’, or possibly ‘B’ but with the shoddy production its hard to tell. There are some decent melodies used as well. There are a handful of parts where both guitars are playing different things at the same time. Perhaps Paradise Lost would be a good reference for this type of playing but instead of one lead and the other rhythm; they both trade off playing different rhythms and leads at the same time.

The bass mostly plays follow the leader deviating in a few places from time to time. The drums are painfully standard, but they do get the job done. Keyboards add a haunting quality to all of the songs. They are the atmosphere and are mostly used on the organ setting. They arguably add some minor Gothic elements to the songs bringing to mind what a Doom version of Cradle of Filth could’ve possibly sounded like. They’re also more in the foreground as opposed to just an accent piece.

The vocals are a mix of spoken word and growls. Surprisingly the spoken word on this recording trumps everything since. The growls are also more guttural. There are also some female vocals used towards the end of the album that don’t quite fit as well. The singer in question doesn’t have that great of a voice and the one she has is heavily accented. Lyrics are romantic/poetic and fit the music perfectly.

The band (and album) is very original sounding like no one aside from themselves; and while it does sound a little dated now a days its still a reasonable heavy hitter. The band keeps a good pace as well going from moderately slow to moderately fast. You can also hear hints of how the band will sound as they mature. There is an underlying sense of urgency in many of the songs. As if making the listener think something dramatic is about to happen. There is a very smooth ambient vibe, again credited to the keyboards, that helps to bridge the more mellow passages with the heavier guitar parts. This is a very good Doomdeath Metal CD and highly recommended for those into said style.

Melancholy Tracklist

  • 01. Prologue (Fragment Of Leopold Staff’s Poem). (02:55)
  • 02. Melancholy. (06:09)
  • 03. (interlude). (02:37)
  • 04. Dolor Ante Lucem. (04:43)
  • 05. (interlude). (03:10)
  • 06. Gods Of Steel. (06:02)
  • 07. And Just The Birds… (02:47)
  • 08. Apocalyptic Visions (Part 2). (05:27)
  • 09. Anxiety. (07:55)
  • 10. (interlude). (02:39)
  • 11. Landscape Of Sadness. (04:37)
  • 12. Lost Flowers. (04:43)
  • 13. (interlude). (01:26)
  • 14. Violet Fields Of Extinction. (05:32)
  • 15. (interlude). (00:44)
  • 16. Epilogue (Fragment Of Leopold Staff’s Poem). (02:50)
  • 17. (interlude). (00:11)
  • 18. The Shadow Of Notre Dame Cathedral. (Bonus Track) (05:35)


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